Ruthless Performance Motorsports presents:  Annual Car Show July 28th starting at 11am. @ 126 Shove Street, Fall River, MA 02724

I will be there along with the rest of the RPM Promo Girls.  Come out and see us!

New Video’s*

I have put up NEW videos in HAIR and MAKEUP tabs.  Be sure to check them out.  I also have a youtube channel if your interested in viewing any of my newer stuff.



*NEW* Survey!

Next Level Magazine is having a survey/poll right here.  We are interested in what men want to see or read in a magazine.  YES! We could go cheat and pick up another one but why not hear from guys that know what they want and don’t want. Please leave your suggestions here in comments.  They will all get passed onto the Magazine I write for.

Is it women, cars, colonges, style, articles?

We want to know!


We love it!

Women being girls!  Nothing wrong with it.  Men love it, girls love doing it.  When you look in the mirror do you see what other people see or do you see what you want to see?  All women struggle with this, some without even knowing they do.  Some are completely blind. I have learned the best way to really see yourself is take pictures and make faces in the mirror.  Go ahead, I’ll wait right here…

See what I mean?  That’s how others see you.  No way am I saying NOW you need to improve yourself.  I’m saying when you understand how others see you, then you pay more attention to what you do.  This can help in may ways.  Job interviews, meeting someone new, dating, or if you simply want a new look.

I have created this site to give you a WIDE variety of choices no matter what you’re looking for.  I will give product reviews, list upcoming events, project updates and what’s in, what’s out and what should have never been fashion.

This is a “BIG NO”….This is not fashion…this says you’re a child.

Take a look around my site, be patient…I am posting daily from my Fan Page, which has been established a long time prior to this site.  Comments are Appreciated!


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